It all about Opportunity and Training

It all about Opportunity and Training

Opportunity at Fillmore Real Estate. 

About johnjrealestate
John H. Johnson Jr. is one of the Managers at 9301 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236 office. John has managed a few offices for Fillmore Real Estate thourthout Brooklyn. John has managed our Fort Greene, Williamsburg, Carroll Garden and Old Mill Basin offices. He understands the needs of Fillmore Brooklyn families. While managing Fillmore Real Estate 345 Atlantic Ave downtown office it became the number one office in the company for 19 months in a row. That is a new Fillmore Real Estate record. He was the manager at the 345 Atlantic Avenue office for the past 5 years. John was stationed at Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton Army Base for 6 years. He worked there as the Director of Information Management, (DOIM). As the Director of Information Management, (DOIM), he worked in the Brooklyn community every day. His children attended and graduated from Brooklyn based schools. After his last assignment at Fort Hamilton Army Base, John and his family decided to permanently call Brooklyn, home. John was a group Leader at Fillmore Real Estate office located at 4717 Avenue N office for 4 years. The office grew to be one of Fillmore's Top Sales offices. Moving up Fillmore's Group and Team building ladder in management, he helped build Fillmore's top sales office at 345 Atlantic Avenue Downtown Brooklyn. He has been working in the downtown area and has sold multi family homes, mixed use businesses and commercial properties in the area.

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